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UniPhier® Camera Platform for
6 Series & 3 Series Cameras
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The next generation UniPhier® Camera Platform is the heart of Panasonic's new top-of-the-line 6 Series and standard 3 Series camera lines. Featuring a newly-developed, high sensitivity MOS sensor and Shadow H.264 Compression Engine, the powerful UniPhier platform delivers sharp and natural color images with exceptional low light performance capability (down to .01 lux). The new Codec Engine attains the best video compression performance to provide superb image quality while providing savings on bandwidth and the recording system.

The UniPhier Platform — developed exclusive by Panasonic for use in its new 6 Series and 3 Series cameras — offers innovative functions like Enhanced Super Dynamic Range (133dB) video dynamic range and 60 frames per second performance in 1080p, delivering outstanding performance even in the most dynamic and challenging lighting conditions. The cameras have the ability to encode up to four H.264 streams to ensure simultaneous real-time monitoring, high resolution recording and mobile access.

An amazing 133dB Enhanced Super Dynamic Light Range Compensation

Our industry-leading 133dB Enhanced Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) technologies allow you to see images that you couldn't see before.

Exceptional image quality

The cameras' ultra-fast frame rate of 60 fps combines with cameras' high resolution video quality to ensure crisp, smooth motion. Ideal for applications in casinos, airports, stadiums and much more.

Ease of Installation

The 6 series and 3 Series cameras are easy to install, with 6 patterns of holes for various gang boxes, a 4-points locking mechanism to simplify the mounting direction; a non-screw lock PTY mechanism to enable quicker angle adjustment; and a flat bottom body to enable installation without a surface mounting unit.

Weather Compensation

To help improve the captured image in poor weather conditions such as smog, fog, or smoke, the visibility of the cameras can be enhanced in any weather condition.

Built-in LEDs Allow Low-light Viewing (to Zero Lux)

All 6 Series cameras feature a built-in IR LEDs (up to 100 feet) to make it possible to capture images at zero lux. The wide angle IR LEDs enable the illumination of whole areas clearly, making it easier to recognize faces and clothing.

Double SD Card Slots Provide Longer Storage and Reliability

The 6 Series models feature Dual SDXC memory card slots that support high-capacity H.264/JPEG edge-recording with flexible record modes including alarm-recording and backup-recording upon network failure. The cameras are also capable of combining space on two cards for longer recordings or creating mirror copies for redundancy purposes.

High Sensitivity with Multi-Processing Noise Reduction

With a combination of 3D Noise Reduction and Multi-process Noise Reduction (MPNR), both the bright area and dark area of an image are faithfully reproduced with minimum noise in high sensitivity image recording.

Multi Streaming

The 6 Series and 3 Series cameras provide Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams (max. 4 streams) to ensure simultaneous real-time monitoring, high resolution recording and mobile access. The multiple video streams (in different resolutions) can be viewed live, saved for viewing, exported, and available in search and playback. All streams can be individually configured.

Smart DOF (Depth of Field)

With this new feature, 6 Series cameras control both the iris and shutter to deliver a deeper depth of field. The depth of field (DOF) is automatically optimized to enhance focus for both near and far objects within the camera's view.


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WV-CW7S Smoke Dome Cover
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