Audio’s Vital Role in Shaping Fan Experiences

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When you think of the pieces that make up a fantastic, engaging, in-game fan experience, a few common elements probably come to mind: kiss cams, mascots, sponsored games, and of course, the beautiful, gigantic LED video boards that broadcast these shenanigans to every last seat in the arena.

But you may be overlooking one of the most important pieces in these systems: the audio solution. Without great audio, your fan experience may not reach every seat in the arena—or it may lack the boom, punch, and clarity needed to excite thousands of people at once.

With experience, expertise, and the latest technologies, Panasonic can help you build an audio solution that matches the breathtaking wonder of your video boards—all while reaching each and every fan in attendance.

Excitement Comes from Audio

It may not be intuitive to consider the excitement generated by a great PA system, but audio has a monumental effect on the sport fan’s in-game experience. From pre-game hype music to amplified chants of “DE-FENSE,” sound goes hand-in-hand with video, lighting, and team branding as a critical element that gets fans into the game.

Excitement Comes from Audio

If you’re not used to considering the role of audio, it’s probably because a great audio solution is often seamless and doesn’t call attention to itself.

“The best sound systems are transparent to the audience,” says Ted Leamy, Senior Vice President of Panasonic’s Pro Media unit, writing for Rational Acoustics. As Leamy describes it, this allows fans to “focus their attention on the [team or performer] without being distracted by the perception of sound coming from some other source.”

Though a great audio system may go unnoticed, consider the sports experience without it: imagine teams running onto the field in total silence, for example, or an audio system that fails to deliver clear, well-amplified sound to a certain section of the arena.

According to Leamy, a top-notch audio system must meet high standards in four critical areas: intelligibility, loudness, coverage, and frequency. Put simply, the system must be clear enough for everyone to understand announcements and loud enough to rise above ambient noise. It should also reach every seat, with zero “dead spots,” and handle the dynamic range of speech just as well as it amplifies bass-heavy music.

Sound, Video, and Sports in Perfect Harmony

Immersive and harmonious, Panasonic’s audio systems are designed to meet all of these demands at once, while also communicating seamlessly with every other element of your complete solution. From broadcasting safety announcements to supporting earth-shaking theme music, our installations ensure that video, audio, and the live game are always working in sync, from every perspective in the stands.

In fact, engaging fans through fully integrated in-game experiences was one of Panasonic’s key motivators in acquiring Pro Media, a top-tier specialist in audio-video design, in 2016. To woo modern fans, sports arenas must deliver an experience that beats out the living room in every way—and that includes stellar, heart-thumping audio and music.

“You have to offer everything a fan expects at home,” writes Kirsten Nelson for AVNetwork, in an article announcing Panasonic’s acquisition of Pro Media. “Then you have to change it up just enough to persuade them to leave home with a compelling game-day experience.”

Best-In-Class Solutions from Panasonic

At Panasonic, we understand the unique and complex challenges faced by sports arenas and stadiums looking to foster an unparalleled fan experience that leaves visitors hungry for more. We know that the heart of fan engagement lies not just with the team and its fans, but also with families that tag along for the additional entertainment taking place between periods, innings, quarters, shots—and whatever else today’s games might bring.

Of course, our audio solutions are always forward-thinking and innovative, too—as is evident in some of our audio team’s recent, spectacular work at venues like the Atlanta Braves’ new SunTrust Park, a state-of-the-art “sports venue of the future” that integrates the latest in-stadium technologies from Panasonic.

We also know that every system and arena is unique and presents its own acoustical challenges, which is why Panasonic’s expertise is so critical to designing and installing a seamless audio solution. Whether you’re hosting a mid-sized local crowd or a nationally televised playoff game, our best-in-class audio-video capabilities can meet your venue’s specific needs and have fans jumping out of their seats.

Best-In-Class Solutions from Panasonic

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