Get the Guide: Creating Engaging Content On a Budget

Creating exciting, high-definition content on an LED video board isn’t just for the major leagues anymore.

These advanced technologies are now affordable for Minor League Baseball (MiLB) teams and stadiums. The next step? Maximizing that gorgeous display to sell sponsorships and engage your fans.

In our latest guide, LED Video Boards for Minor League Baseball (MiLB): How to Make the Most of Every Pixel and Create Engaging Content On a Budget, Panasonic’s expert team will guide you through the process of managing your video board and developing creative, unique content on any budget.

Learn how to wow your fans, attract major sponsorships, and develop social media strategies with this comprehensive new guide.

Download the free guide to learn more about:

  • Making the most out of every pixel and inch on your LED video board
  • Developing unique, engaging content on a minor league budget
  • Incorporating social media and fan-generated content into your video board’s rotation
  • Attracting sponsorships and increasing ticket sales

Ready to take the next step toward your most exciting season yet? Get the guide today!