NASPO ValuePoint formerly WSCA-NASPO

Panasonic supports the Minnesota Materials Management Division as the lead administration agency for the NASPO ValuePoint PC Goods contract in offering Panasonic business products on this contract.

Panasonic looks forward to providing business products, accessories, and the highest quality procurement services to the members and participating states.

This web site will assist with product and services information, product configuration and pricing, how-to-order, warranty support, ad pointers to many other PANASONIC resources.

Please select a state from the map to determine if a new Purchasing Addendum has been executed by that state as a result of the NASPO ValuePoint multi-state computer equipment procurement contract. For more information concerning the NASPO PC contracts, please visit

Participating States Participating States Map
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

To obtain a quote or place an order, please consult with your choice of one of the following partners:

Product & Services Schedule for the following Computers & Peripherals

Place an Order All orders can be placed through your choice of Reseller partner. All quotes and orders are fulfilled through your choice of an authorized Reseller. If you have any questions or clarifications regarding the resellers or the Panasonic NASPO ValuePoint contract–please contact us [email protected]

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Rugged - 16% off MSRP

image of the Toughbook 31Toughbook 31             

Laptops - 9% to 13% off MSRP
Arbitrator - 11% off MSRP
Accessories - 11% off MSRP
Services - 0%

image of the Toughbook C2Toughbook C2        image of the Toughbook 53Toughbook 53        image of the Toughbook 54Toughbook 54        image of the Toughbook 55Toughbook 55       

Pricing Panasonic Toughbook NASPO (National Association of Contracting Professionals) ValuePoint PC Goods contract:

The following Toughbook categories are being offered on the NASPO ValuePoint contract through the customer's choice of resellers noted for this contract and by each state:

Rugged: 16% off MSRP
Semi-rugged: 13% off MSRP
Business-rugged: 9% off MSRP
Accessories: 11% off MSRP
Services: 0%
Rugged Slate pad: 12% off MSRP

Third Party products offered:
– Havis Mounting Equipment
– Gamber Johnson Mounting Equipment

11% off of SRP

– Panasonic i-Pro Sensing Solutions
– Discounts vary, please see price list above

Service Options Panasonic offers a wide array of service and support options that can be customized to a customer's needs

About Toughbook View videos of Toughbook computers undergoing extreme testing

Panasonic Toughbook Configurator Experience the entire Panasonic Toughbook product line, view the various options and specifications, and find the exact model number you need when ordering your new Toughbook.
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Panasonic Contact: 1-888-245-6344
[email protected]

Panasonic Master NASPO Valuepoint agreement

Amendment No. 1 to Contract No. MNWNC-124

Amendment No. 2 to Contract No. MNWNC-124

Amendment No. 3 to Contract No. MNWNC-124

Toughpads - 12% off MSRP
Accessories - 11% off MSRP
Services - 0% off MSRP

  • image of the Toughbook 20Toughbook 20
  • image of the Toughbook 19Toughbook 19
  • image of the Toughpad FZ-G1Toughpad FZ-G1
  • image of the Toughpad FZ-M1Toughpad FZ-M1
  • image of the Toughpad 4KToughpad 4K
  • image of the Toughpad FZ-B2Toughpad FZ-B2
  • image of the Toughpad FZ-E1Toughpad FZ-E1
  • image of the Toughpad FZ-X1Toughpad FZ-X1
  • image of the Toughbook L1Toughbook L1
  • image of the Toughbook T1Toughbook T1
  • image of the Toughbook N1Toughbook N1

Multimedia – Pro Audio/Visual – 3% off of SRP

image of CamcordersCamcorders   

image of Camera SystemsCamera Systems    

image of Digital MediaDigital Media     

image of Mixers & SwitchersMixers & Switchers    

image of Production MonitorsProduction Monitors       image of Recorders/Players & Workflow ToolsRecorders/Players & Workflow Tools       image of Provideo AccessoriesAccessories      

Multimedia ProDisplays - 22% off of SRP
Multimedia Display Accessories - 10% off of SRP.

image of a Panasonic LCD displayLCD        image of a Panasonic LED displayLED       image of a Panasonic Plasma displayPlasma       image of a Panasonic 3D display3D       

Large Venue - 48% off of SRP
Installation Projectors - 48% off of SRP
Portable Projectors - 38% off of SRP
Projector Accessories - 0% off of SRP.

image of a Panasonic Large Venue projectorLarge Venue image of a Panasonic Installation projectorInstallation image of a Panasonic Portable projectorPortable image of a Panasonic Short-Throw projectorShort-Throw

Personal Scanners - 20% off of MSRP
Workgroup / Production Scanners - 30% off of MSRP
Departmental Scanners - 35% off of MSRP
Scanner Accessories - 30% off of MSRP

image of a Panasonic Workgroup scannerWorkgroup     image of a Panasonic Personal Workgroup scannerPersonal Workgroup      image of a Panasonic Departmental scannerDepartmental      image of a Panasonic Low Volume Production scannerLow Volume Production  

image of a Panasonic High Volume Production scannerHigh Volume Production    

Eco-conscious Panasonic Toughbook computers meet environmental guidelines set forth by both the public and private sector. Learn about Panasonic's environmental compliance.

EPEAT Silver Certified All products are EPEAT Silver certified
Energy Star Qualified All products are Energy Star qualified
RoHs Compliant All products are RoHs compliant
ISO Standards Compliant All products are compliant with ISO standards

Section 508 Standards Section 508 was enacted to eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities, and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals. Electronic and information technology procured by Federal agencies must meet Section 508's requirements for accessibility.

Toughbook® mobile computers have long been designed and manufactured with access-friendly features, such as touchscreens and the ability to be mounted on wheelchairs. In addition, Panasonic works closely with Microsoft to ensure that Toughbook computers can take full advantage of the accessibility features built into Windows®. Panasonic continually endeavors to make all its products more accessible to, and usable by, individuals with disabilities. In fact, Panasonic worked with ITIC (Information Technology Industry Council) in developing the Section 508 "Buy Accessible" template, and also actively participates in the GSA (General Services Administration) sponsored Accessibility Forum. Read More