NASPO ValuePoint Public Safety Video Systems

(Body Worn Video, In Car Video and Related Storage Solutions)

Panasonic supports the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services Central Purchasing Division as the lead administration agency for the NASPO ValuePoint Public Safety Video Systems contract in offering Panasonic Body Worn Video, In Car Video and Related Storage Solutions products on this contract.

Panasonic looks forward to providing Body Worn Video, In Car Video and Related Storage Solutions products, accessories, and the highest quality procurement services to the members and participating states.

This web site will assist with product and services information, product configuration and pricing, how-to-order, warranty support, ad pointers to many other PANASONIC resources.

Please select a state from the map to determine if a Participating Addendum has been executed by that state as a result of the NASPO ValuePoint Public Safety Video Systems equipment procurement contract. For more information concerning the NASPO Public Safety Video Systems equipment procurement contracts, please visit

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Panasonic can offer a complete system for Evidence Capture and Digital Evidence Management. This solution includes both body cameras and the dash cameras, and with footage that can be stored in the government cloud and viewed with the same Windows software along with storage solutions, safely and securely. The second an officer's emergency lights go on until the moment of verdict, maintaining an unbroken chain of custody is imperative to ensuring that justice is served. The Panasonic Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) protects all video and audio captured during an event and creates validated evidence files that are easily managed and securely stored. Panasonic is proud to have served the Public Sector community for over 20 years, and we continue to do so with our offering of reliable, integrated solutions with best in class support and service.

Master Agreement Document

January 31, 2019

February 01, 2017

January 31, 2022

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All orders can be placed through your choice of Reseller partner. All quotes and orders are fulfilled through your choice of an authorized Reseller. If you have any questions or clarifications regarding the resellers or the Panasonic NASPO ValuePoint contract-please contact us [email protected]

Authorized Resellers:
Insight Public Sector
GovDirect, Inc.
TurnKey Mobile, Inc.
CDS Office Technologies

Product Information:
Arbitrator 360°™ HD
Arbitrator© Body Worn Camera
Freeze Ray

Panasonic NASPO ValuePoint Public Safety Video Systems contract:
The following Public Safety Video Systems categories are being offered on the NASPO ValuePoint contract through the customer's choice of resellers noted for this contract and by each state:

Arbitrator 360°™HD: 11% off MSRP
Arbitrator© Body Worn Camera: 11% off MSRP
Freeze Ray: 0% Off MSRP
Accessories: 11% off MSRP
Services: 0% Off MSRP

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