WSCA New Jersey Computer Contract PA (#75583)

Panasonic supports the Minnesota Materials Management Division as the lead administration agency for the WSCA (Western States Contracting Alliance) and NASPO (National Association of Contracting Professionals) PC Goods contract in offering Panasonic business products on this contract.

Panasonic looks forward to providing business products, accessories, and the highest quality procurement services to the members and participating states.

This web site will assist with product and services information, product configuration and pricing, how-to-order, warranty support, ad pointers to many other PANASONIC resources.

Product restrictions:
• Local area networks
• Trade-ins
• Travel
• Take-back programs
• Lease agreements
• Volume Purchase Program Vouchers
• Software purchases, including operating systems, must be preloaded on the equipment to be purchased and are allowed only at the time of hardware purchase.

Eligible purchasers: Public K-12, public higher education, public charter schools, community colleges, and state and local government agencies. For a list of eligible participating entities, visit (Select About Us -> Contacts -> Cooperative Purchasing - Participating Entities).

Products used in this contract:
The Toughbook C2, 53, 31, 19, SX2 and H2 were used in this contract.


Panasonic Toughbook WSCA Contract (Western States Contracting Alliance) and NASPO (National Association of Contracting Professionals) PC Goods contract

The following Toughbook categories are being offered on the WSCA contract through the customer's choice of resellers noted for this contract and by each state:

Rugged: 16% off MSRP
Semi-rugged: 13% off MSRP
Business-rugged: 9% off MSRP
Accessories: 11% off MSRP
Services: 0%

WSCA Contract Pricing [pdf, 1mb]

Panasonic is pleased to offer the following for the WSCA Premium Savings Package from now through April '12:
WSCA Premium Savings Package [pdf, 202k]

Panasonic is pleased to offer these Bundled Offerings in support of this contract:
Toughbook 19RM Tablet Arbitrator 360 Complete Bundle [pdf, 91k]
Toughbook 52 Configuration Server Arb 1.5 Bundle [pdf, 70k]
Toughbook 52 Configuration Server Arbitrator 360 Bundle [pdf, 72k]
Toughbook 31AGOBI Arbitrator 360 Bundle [pdf, 71k]
Toughbook 19K Tablet Arbitrator 360 Bundle [pdf, 70k]

Please contact a reseller to obtain the most current price on Toughbook mobile computers.

Panasonic Toughbook computers meet environmental guidelines set forth by both the public and private sector. Learn about Panasonic's environmental compliance.

EPEAT Gold Certified all products are EPEAT Gold certified
Energy Star Qualified all products are Energy Star qualified
RoHs Compliant all products are RoHs compliant
ISO Standards Compliant all products are compliant with ISO standards

Service Options
Panasonic offers a wide array of service and support options that can be customized to a customer's needs

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Panasonic Contact:
Contracts Manager, Public Sector

WSCA MPA Extension [pdf, 51k]

WSCA NASPO Panasonic MPA [pdf, 1.6mb]

Please consult with your choice of Panasonic authorized reseller partners for quantity discount opportunities.

Here is the participating addendum
New Jersey [pdf, 476k]

22% off SRP

LCD        LED       3D       

Large Venue - 50% off of SRP
Installation Projectors - 50% off of SRP
Portable Projectors - 30% off of SRP
Replacement Lamps - 5% off of SRP.

Large Venue Installation Portable Short-Throw
Home Theater      

15% off SRP
Large Venue     Personal Workgroup      Departmental      Low Volume Production  

High Volume Production    

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