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Police Dash Cam

Police dash camera system

Panasonic Arbitrator 360° Delivers Reliable Evidence Capture for City of Los Banos

Integrated Mobile Video Solution Keeps Officers Connected, Efficient

In 2007, the City of Los Banos, CA deployed video recording equipment in all of its squad cars to be used for evidence collection.However, in 2012 the failing equipment was increasingly costly to maintain. The cameras were becoming outdated, and the video quality began degrading significantly.

The City's IT and Police Departments contacted other agencies to collect information about the video solutions they were utilizing. Many of the PDs were using the Panasonic Arbitrator mobile digital video system.

Upgrade a failing and obsolete in-car video system to a more robust, reliable solution.

A fully integrated mobile digital video solution for squad cars, including the Panasonic Arbitrator 360° and the Panasonic Toughbook® 31 fully rugged PC for video storage.

Police officers are able to access information while in their vehicles related to calls, and they can review/search videos for evidentiary purposes. The video evidence solution has decreased litigious suits against the city.

DataSource Mobility, a technology solutions provider, was hosting an online seminar focusing on the feature benefits of the Arbitrator 360° mobile digital video solution. The city’s Director of Information Technology, Rick Spalding, attended the webinar and was impressed with the solution. He engaged with DataSource Mobility to discuss deploying the Panasonic Arbitrator 360° in the city's squad cards.

During the initial meeting, Rick advised that the lack of scalability and customization of the original video solution dictated some of the mandatory features for the new solution. Rick also stated that they needed a video solution that provided:

  1. Searchable video content
  2. Reliable and durable equipment
  3. Access to dispatch and DMV information
  4. Ability to correspond with dispatch and officers via messaging

Since DataSource Mobility is a Panasonic-preferred partner, they were able to offer the City of Los Banos a fully integrated video solution including the Panasonic Arbitrator 360° video device and the Panasonic Toughbook 31 rugged laptop, which acts as the in-vehicle PC and server for the camera.

dash-cams for police

After going through an extensive RFP process, considering a range of solutions and reviewing recommendations of other police departments, Police and IT staff determined that the Arbitrator 360° was the best solution for the PD. Rick stated, “We needed a high-quality, reliable solution that would provide all of the search capabilities and communication modules to support our officers.” DataSource Mobility worked with Lehr Automotive to support the deployment and installation of the Arbitrator solution in the squad cars.

“The Panasonic Arbitrator has proved to be a great asset. We are able to do much more than we could in the past. DataSource Mobility was very knowledgeable about the Arbitrator solution and provided us with a fully integrated mobile digital video solution.”
- Rick Spalding, Director of Information Technology, City of Los Banos

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