Master the 5.7K Super 35mm AU-EVA1
Author Barry Green takes you through every menu, setting and function on the Panasonic AU-EVA1 in this step-by-step eBook. The eBook includes a quick orientation to basic principles for shooters and in-depth walk-throughs of the camera's unique capabilities.

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The AU-EVA1 is a fully capable cine camera with all the features you need in order to create truly professional results. This free eBook will put you ahead of the learning curve, so you can hit the ground running. Some of the topics in A Guide to the AU-EVA1 Camera are:

  • Shooting in 4K/UHD
  • Working with a Super 35mm MOS Sensor
  • Making the most of dual-native ISOs
  • Using V-LOG & 5.7K RAW
  • System and Menu settings
  • Inputs and outputs

Barry Green has produced a series of instructional EVA1 videos that will help you shoot like a pro.

The AU-EVA1 is a 5.7K compact camera that produces stunning cinematic images. These ten videos were created to help you reach EVA1’s full potential. Topics include EVA1 formats, achieving proper focus, working with Dual Native ISOs, navigating menus, working with scene files, shooting in variable frame rates, and more.

About Barry Green

Barry Green is an Emmy® award-winning producer/writer who has authored many books on the operations of Panasonic professional camcorders. In addition, he is a technical moderator at

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