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i-PRO Extreme H.265

Introducing the Panasonic i-PRO Extreme platform, a native end-to-end H.265 system that delivers extreme enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence. Available in the new line of Panasonic cameras, recorders and management software, i-PRO Extreme delivers Extreme Visibility, Compression, Reliability and Data Security.

Now with Extreme Visibility, the new i-PRO Extreme cameras deliver outstanding low-light performance from their 1/3-inch sensors — rivaling many ½-inch sensor cameras — and feature an industry-leading 144dB of Extreme Dynamic Range for balanced exposure and accurate color in even the most challenging lighting environments. Extreme Compression begins with H.265 encoding, a 50% reduction in bandwidth compared to H.264, and Panasonic Smart Coding and Smart Facial Coding push that to an 75% reduction.

Extreme Reliability is anchored by technologies like HDD Dynamic Power Control for the new WJ-NX400 class recorder. By allowing two recorders to run in tandem for seamless redundancy in mission critical applications, Automatic-Failover reduces the frequency of HDD failures and greatly extends their working life.

On top of superior technologies, the Panasonic i-PRO Preferred Program boosts Extreme Reliability by adding two years of factory warranty to the standard three-year warranty on cameras. Extreme Data Security means the new i-PRO Extreme surveillance platform employs PC-level IP data security standards via Panasonic Secure Communication and robust authentication using Symantec Device Certificates.

A new line up of i-PRO Cameras, Recorders and Management Software delivering
extreme performance under extreme conditions

i-PRO Extreme


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Extreme visibility

Enables capture of the highest quality images automatically, even in very dynamic and challenging surveillance environments

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Extreme compression

H.265 compression delivers high-quality images while reducing streaming and storage requirements by approximately 50% over H.264.

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Extreme reliability

New technologies deliver low failure rates and redundancy, as well as the 5-year i-PRO Preferred Warranty showcases high Panasonic reliability.

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Extreme data security

Panasonic Secure Communication suite and Symantec Device Certification ensures robust, end-to-end IP security.

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H.265 Network Cameras

New H.265 i-PRO Full HD & HD 60fps camera line-up featuring Extreme Visibility, Extreme Compression, Extreme Reliability and Extreme Data Security performance. In addition, all i-PRO Extreme cameras have a H.264 compatibility mode.

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H.265 Recorders

New H.265/H.264 high-throughput and scalable recorder featuring integrated GUI and roust embedded IP security enabling a secure end-to-end PC-less surveillance solution.


H.265 i-PRO Management Software

New Powerful Windows® application enables a secure scalable H.265 ready, multi-camera, multi-recorder surveillance management environment.

H.265 i-PRO Management Software
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