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The Panasonic i-PRO Preferred program provides added value to your i-PRO camera purchase without adding cost. I-PRO Preferred strengthens your warranty, expedites service response and includes an Unlimited Video Insight Camera License. New and current owners* of selected i-PRO camera models** are eligible for a free upgrade to this preferred service status. Enroll today and enjoy the benefits.

Program Benefits

5 Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

Adds a 2-year extended warranty to your existing 3-year factory warranty upon registration.

Video Insight Unlimited License

Unlimited Video Insight Camera License***

Competitive manufacturers charge an annual camera license fee for each camera connected to their VMS, adding significantly to your cost of ownership. Panasonic offers the compelling value proposition of an Unlimited Video Insight camera license with select i-PRO cameras.

Priority Advance Exchange

Receive an uncommon level of service with replacement units shipped the same day with overnight delivery.****

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*U.S. purchasers only.

**Select Panasonic i-PRO cameras with a manufacturing date after October 2014 for both VI VMS License and additional two years warranty extension. You can identify if your Panasonic camera was manufactured after October 2014 by taking these steps: 1.) Find the serial number on your camera and/or carton box. 2) Identify the first letter of the serial number code which indicates the year of production, where M=2013, N=2014, O=2015. 3) Identify the second letter which indicates the month of production, where A=January, B=February, C=March, etc.  For example, October 2014 will be NJ******.

***Sign up for the i-PRO Preferred Program is not required for the Unlimited Video Insight License.

****Priority Advanced Exchange is available from 31 days to 5 years after purchase. All camera returns in the first 30 days after purchase will be offered a credit.