The Panasonic Interactive Displays Series boasts the same high functionality and features as all Panasonic professional plasmas, including:

  • A full range of video input terminals so you can input both analog (component video, video, PC) and digital (DVI-D, HDMI) video signals
  • A tough, impact resistant, crack resistant body and front panel glass for ruggedness and durability up to 100,000 writing cycles
  • The option to mount the PB1 Series in either a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) position with a mobile stand, pedestal or wall hanging bracket
  • Tamper resistant settings that prevent unauthorized adjustments or lost information when the display is unmonitored
  • Energy-saving and screen-saving functions that help minimize energy consumption and extend screen life
  • Eco-conscious, 100% lead- and mercury-free design so it’s gentle on the environment
  • 4 pens, 4 colors, multiple functions

    Write with one, two or up to four pens simultaneously. Each electronic pen features four different writing colors, a variety of thicknesses and utility functions. Simply click the pen to switch between colors or to turn the pen into an eraser. And because only the pen is detected by the screen, there are no “smudges” or errors caused when hands or clothing contact the screen.

  • Drawing software expands presentation power

    The Panasonic Interactive Displays feature intuitive application software for a wide range of dynamic drawing tools. When linked to a PC, these tools can be used to make presentations smoother, more understandable and illustrative.

  • Easy-to-use menus and drawing tools

    Draw. Edit. Magnify. Familiar menu functions and drawing tools are brought to life on the interactive display with a simple click of the electronic pen’s mouse button.* All the functions you need are available on the screen right within your reach.

  • Storing presentation materials

    Want to access and save different files during a presentation? This helpful feature — adapted from the elite Panaboard Book software — lets you prepare and store presentation materials in advance and keep them in a convenient attachments folder on the screen. You can easily retrieve your saved data from this folder during a presentation or you can save handwritten notes and drawings for later access.

  • Easy wireless presentations

    With its wireless capabilities, the Panasonic Interactive Displays Series lets you transmit and display data from other PC screens without the need for VGA or other presentation cables. Simply plug the Easy Wireless Stick (ET-UW100) into your PC and, with its built-in wireless module, the PB1 can receive and display your presentation content wirelessly.

  • PJLink*1 compatible network function for remote control

    This network function lets you operate the PB1 Series by remote control and monitor its status through a LAN/RS232C connection.

  • Expanded Display Functions

    SLOT2.0 architecture lets you add a wide array of optional plug-in boards to the PB1 Series to match your interactive application — including an on-board PC so you can have a computer and display board all in one.

  • Display content from iOS devices wirelessly

    Easy wireless transmission is also possible from iOS devices. With the simple installation of a free app, you can display still-image slideshows and PDFs from an iPad™, iPhone® or iPod Touch.

  • TH-50PB2

    The highly versatile 50” PB2 Series interactive plasma display features both pen and finger touch capabilities.

  • TH-65PB2

    The 65” PB2 Series interactive plasma display features both pen and finger touch capability for high versatility.

  • TH-85PB1

    The 85” PB1 Series interactive plasma display provides the great benefits of digital interactivity in large size format.

  • TH-103PB1

    The 103” PB1 Series interactive plasma display provides the large format digital interactivity.