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Team Panasonic

Team Panasonic's newest members: Nathan Chen, Maame Biney and Noah Elliott


Team Panasonic is dedicated to moving forever forward

Being a true champion requires deep passion that goes beyond winning or athletic performance. The members of Team Panasonic were chosen for both their accomplishments in their sport and the commitments they have made to improving their communities, bringing awareness to important issues and answering the question, "How can I take an active role in moving the world forward?"


Champions. For Progress.

What does it take to be a champion? For Team Panasonic athletes, it’s believing that true progress happens along a continuum where the bar is raised each time you get closer to it. That’s the spirit of #ForeverForward. Sakura Kokumai demonstrates progress while perfecting her kata form in the dojo. Michael Phelps works to improve his own mental health and shed light on the incredible challenges many people face. A passion for progress guides these brave athletes and steers the decisions we make at Panasonic, continually advancing technology to help move humanity forward.


Champions. For Inspiration.

All Team Panasonic members recognize the importance of the inspiration they’ve received along their journeys. Champions for Progress will highlight the people, places and forces that have touched each athlete and show how they moved them forward, allowing them to return that support to others and their communities.


Nathan Chen, Olympic figure skater

Nathan Chen

It’s almost as though Nathan Chen was born to figure skate. Growing up around the ice, he’s been in the rink for almost as long as he can remember. Find out how his drive and determination made him not just a figure skater, but a champion. See his journey

Maame Biney, Olympic speed skater

Maame Biney

Happenstance brought Maame Biney to her first ice rink – but her passion, energy and love for the sport led her to speed skating. Now she’s taking everything she’s learned from her drive to be the best and applying that both on and off the ice. See her journey

Noah Elliott, Paralympic Snowboarder

Noah Elliott

By the time he was 14, Noah Elliott had developed into a promising semi-pro skateboarder. But when a cancer diagnosis led to the amputation of his leg, he didn’t end his athletic career. Instead, his will and resolve led him to heights he’d never even imagined. See his journey

Michael Phelps

Michael has achieved a feat no other Olympian has: winning a total of 28 medals. He’s dominated the sport of swimming over the course of four Olympic Games. He has held numerous world records. But Michael’s greatest achievement may still lay ahead as he brings awareness to the struggles athletes face. With the platform he’s built through swimming and his personal bravery, he’s giving a voice to all those who suffer with mental illness. See his journey

Katie Ledecky

Few athletes become elite champions. Fewer hold world records. Katie has achieved both measures, driven by a simple philosophy: success is determined by the work you put in. That mindset brought her gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, as well as success in the classroom as a student. Today, she inspires young people to pursue STEM opportunities, reminding them that accomplishments are earned, luck doesn’t win medals and self-determination is the most rewarding gift you can give to yourself. See her journey

Sakura Kokumai

Sakura began her inspiring journey at just seven. From the moment her mother introduced her to karate at their local YMCA, she knew the sport would shape her life. By 14, she was competing internationally, and today she ranks number 5 in the world for kata. She is proud to represent Team USA and Team Panasonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in her ancestral and childhood home of Japan, helping to inspire the next generation of karate champions. See her journey

Lex Gillette

Lex believes – in himself, in the spirit of competition, in pushing past all obstacles. As a four-time blind Paralympic medalist in the long jump, he’s overcome challenges that would sideline most of us. If his performance on the field was not enough inspiration, he is committed to sharing his message of strength through motivational speeches, imparting that vision, not sight, is all you need to succeed. We’re proud to have Lex represent Team USA and Team Panasonic at the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. See his journey

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