Panasonic VariCam HS

Capture up to 240-fps in 1080p

VariCam HS is designed for demanding ENG, documentary, or sports applications. Utilizing three newly-developed, 1920 x 1080 MOS imagers, VariCam HS offers numerous codecs, including Panasonic's AVC-ULTRA family of codecs and Apple ProRes.

VariCam HS system includes the AU-V23HS1G 2/3” type HD camera head, the AU-VREC1G recording module, AU-VCVF1G OLED viewfinder, and the AU-VSHL1G shoulder pad/tripod mount.


WEIGHT 4.5 kg (Body only)
GAIN SETTINGS [ISO] mode: ISO 2500 to 12800
[dB] mode : 0 to 18 dB (3 dB step)
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 179 mm x 230.5 mm x 347 mm
(7-1/16 inches x 9-1/16 inches x 13-21/32 inches)
(Body only, excluding protrusion)
LENS MOUNT 2/3-type bayonet
OPTICAL FILTER CC filter A: 3200 K, B: 4300 K, C: 5600 K, D: 0.3ND
ND filter 1: CLEAR, 2: 0.6ND, 3: 1.2ND, 4: 1.8ND
PICKUP DEVICE 2/3-type 2.2 million pixels, MOS x 3
POWER CONSUMPTION 60 W (Body only) / 90 W (With all optional accessories connected and maximum power supplied from each output terminal)