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VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 firmware adds multiple-camera capabilities.

Ver. 6.0 firmware brings broadcast shading and multi-camera control plus tally and return video management to the VariCam LT. Now you can put the cinematic look and low-light performance VariCam LT is known for to work in live and near-live productions.
Why shoot CineLive with VariCam LT?
  • Bring VariCam image quality and color science to multi-camera environments
  • Create cinematic shallow depth of field with VariCam's award-winning Super 35mm sensor
  • Work with 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • Shoot with Dual Native 800/5,000 ISOs
  • Capture brilliant images in low-light environments
  • Compensate for stop loss when shooting with long zooms and ⅔-inch optical adapters
Download VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 today
The upgrade is free for all registered VariCam LT owners.

VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 CineLive Workflows

VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 gives you two new ways to shoot.

Live Broadcast
  • Cover sports, concerts and more
  • Control multiple VariCam LTs and shade color remotely
  • Run silent with live-mode fan setting
  • Output dual live signals: one clean for broadcast and recording; one for status check, markers and menus
  • Output via fiber using third-party transport systems (DTS, ERECA, Multidyne, Telecast and more)
  • Record live performances (theater, sitcoms, concerts, stand-up, fashion) that aren't broadcast live
  • Shade color and switch live between multiple VariCam LTs
  • Stream live, color-shaded footage to projectors and displays in the venue
  • Record in 4K or HD 4:4:4 in AVC-Ultra or ProRes internally on each VariCam LT and match back to the live switch

CineLive Color Management

VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 supports two color workflows: broadcast color shading and cinematic color grading.

Broadcast color shading uses paint settings (black, white, chromas, iris, gain, etc.) to ensure the picture stays consistent across multiple cameras.

Color grading uses LUTs (Look Up Tables) and CDLs (Color Decision Lists) to manage color in-camera and create a precise color palette across all the shots that go into a feature.


VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 supports both. Shade live streams via remote control, capture V-Log in-camera, and grade color live in-camera and via PC — all at the same time.

Start Shooting CINELIVE today
VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 is free for all registered owners.
AK-HRP1000 Remote Operation Panel

Control multiple VariCam LT Ver. 6.0 cameras and other compatible studio cameras with the Panasonic AK-HRP1000 Remote Control Panel.

  • ¼ Rack size
  • 3.5-inch LCD panel
  • Camera Serial Control and IP control (with RJ45 LAN cable)
  • Supports PoE — power supply via Ethernet
  • Remote paint and control for Panasonic VariCam LT, camera recorders, convertible cameras and HD integrated cameras
  • Allows for studio camera scene file registration and retrieval
  • Equipped with SD memory card slot for saving user files and updating firmware versions

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